Fileburst Global CDN for Video Streaming Solution

With Fileburst Global CDN for Video Streaming service, you can be sure that regardless of their device, location, or connection speed, users will have the best video streaming experience. If they're in London, your media will be automatically delivered to them from a streaming server in London - and very often, one directly connected to their ISP. Same for Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and all of the other cities where we've built our Global SuperPOPs. This means that in many cases you can completely bypass the congested public internet and give users an instant-on, high fidelity experience.

Our video streaming delivery solutions include world-class security services to protect your content and the industry's best analytics, which provide rich, real-time insight into your audience metrics, behavior, and the quality of their experience.

It is a perfect fit to those who run video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe or any other Pay Per View (PPV) video sites. If you're an internet marketer that frequently publish training videos or a blogger running a video blog, your users will benefit from the use of Fileburst services as the videos will be streamed seamlessly at blazing speed to them. News and TV sites can utilize both our video streaming and live streaming solutions as well.

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Feature Highlights:
Support for all media formats: H.264, Flash, Smooth Streaming, HTTP progressive, Windows Media, HTML5 - we do it all!
Instantly stream your full HD videos with no buffering (much faster than Youtube) to your viewers anywhere in the world
100% availability, guaranteed by our SLA
Any device, any browser delivery (PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc)
Easy to publish your video streaming materials using media player wizard*
Unlimited scalability and capacity to handle the crowd of viewers
Security protection for your video content via token authentication, prevent bandwidth draining (e.g. allow streaming only to paid subscribers or from certain countries)
No setup fee and low monthly cost, starting from $49/month for full-featured streaming product via our Global CDN network
Affordable and flexible pricing - same rate for delivery of all streaming formats
Fully burstable bandwidth for your video streaming, no cap on the number of viewers
Easy uploads via online file manager, FTP/SFTP, rsync and scp
Core and advanced streaming reports
Real time streaming report (optional add-on)
Fast and friendly 24/7 helpdesk support
*) this feature is coming soon
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Flash Streaming

Silverlight Smooth Streaming

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video streaming
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